2012 wetplate collodion workshops

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2012 wetplate collodion workshops

Post by John Brewer » Mon Dec 26, 2011 9:05 pm Etc/GMT-1+01:00



25th & 26 February (4 places left)
24th & 25th March (1 place left)
7th & 8th April (4 places left)
5th & 6th May (4 places left)
26th & 27th May (4 places left)
16th & 17th June (4 places left)
14th & 15th July (4 places left)
11th & 12th August (4 places left)
1st & 2nd September (4 places left)
22nd & 23rd September (4 places left)
13th & 14th October (4 places left)
27th & 28th October (4 places left)

Wetplate collodion workshops are held over two days at my studio in Manchester. I maybe holding one of the workshops in London if there is enough interest, email me if that interests you. Workshops are for a maximum of four people. The workshops cover:

• Cameras and lenses (old and modern)
• Other equipment needed
• Chemistry, including health and safety
• Substrates: both traditional and contemporary such as glass, metal and acrylic
• Preparing, exposing, processing and finishing plates

You will be given a 30 page workshop manual.

Students will have the chance to make positive images on glass (ambrotypes), metal (tintypes) and acrylic (acrylotypes?!) plates of different sizes using a variety of cameras and lenses.

Workshop fees are £250 per person for two days.

There are several hotels in Manchester at varying prices and this one http://diamondlodge.co.uk which is close to my studio. I can pick up and drop off students from the railway station and hotels. On street parking is available outside the studio during weekends.

The workshops start at 10am and finish at 5pm but I am happy to carry on later.

For further information and to book please email me john@johnbrewerphotography.com

Blogs from previous students:

Tony Richards
http://anitafarkas.posterous.com/the-co ... forward-to
Gareth Gardener

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