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Draft Privacy Policy

Post by masch » Tue Aug 22, 2006 10:49 pm Etc/GMT-1+01:00

Dear All,

below is a copy of a drafted Privacy Policy.

Anyone wo has any insights on this, please feel free to comment, etc.
I am not a lawyer or similar, so any help or suggestion is welcome.



In general use of this site we do not store or capture data about you, other than to log your IP address and session details, like the number of pages you view and the type of browser you use.
Your IP address and session details are automatically recognised by the Web server and are only used only for system administration, to help us evaluate use of the server system and to block malicious use of the forum.

In order to use this Forum, “Registration” is required. Any personal data, like your name or email address or your website address, is requested solely to ensure we are able to run the forum and website efficiently. The currently requested personal data is limited to a valid email address, to allow us to contact you outside of this forum if this becomes necessary. Any further information (real name, personal website, ICQ number, etc.) is purely on a voluntary basis, to be used by the other members of the forum.

We do at no point provide your personal data to third parties. Only other board users do have access to your details via the member list.

Cookies will only used as far as it is necessary to operate the forum system on this server.

While we, as moderators and administrators, do try to moderate this forum, to ensure a minimal level of civility, please be aware, that we are volunteers. As such we do not have the resources to ensure every problematic post or user is controlled. We do therefore NOT take responsibility for postings on this board. Each posting is the sole responsibility to the poster him/herself, and are expressions of their opinions rather than ours. Please see the Forum Policy below.
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