New Sponsor for the Group

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New Sponsor for the Group

Post by PAUL O » Sun Apr 30, 2006 10:39 am Etc/GMT-1+01:00

Hello to everyone. I just wanted to keep people updated regarding the growing list of sponsors that are keen to support our group. In addition to Formatt Filters, Fuji UK (many thanks to Jo Carter!!), we are also supported by Robert White and Quietworks (manufacturer of the BlackJacket "Radiation Proof" Focus cloth :D

This week I have been contacted by Ian Wilson of Ebony View Cameras. Ebony support the group by providing a link on their web-site (under "Workshops") but they are keen to become an "official" sponsor. To this end they have offered the loan of demo Ebony cameras and any other equipment for our "get togethers/workshops".

I appreciate that although a number of us use these cameras they are not everyone's cup of tea - but at least you will be able to try them out and satisfy any curiosity you have been harbouring!

Ebony not only make cameras but they also have a growing list of useful accessories that are also compatible with non-Ebony cameras too! Take a look at their web site ( under "Accessories" and also take a look at Robert White's web-site for further info/pricing.

I have just received a sample of an item I feel would be of great interest to some of us - not just Ebony users: Ebony produce a "lens box". Now this is actually a rigid box for carrying/storing LF lenses mounted on Ebony/Linhof/Wista fit panels. The box is made of (I imagine) plywood covered (inside and out) in a felt/velvet-type fabric and lined with the same "grooved lining" found in aluminium camera/flight cases that allows you to fix rigid dividers in place. It is a very discreet item (the sample I have does not have a logo of any kind) and what you end up with is a box which allows the lens panel to slide in place between these grooves and so hold the lens safely in place. The box is fitted with a removeable lid. The whole thing is substantial but very light and should offer maximum protection to lenses. In fact I can't think of a stronger alternative - apart from making your own wooden box! I currently use Gnass cases to carry lenses. These are probably the best (padded case) on the market when it comes to lens protection but they don't offer the same degree of protection as the Ebony Lens Box. I will bring the box along to the October gathering but if anyone is interested I can post you some photos of it?

Best wishes Paul. PS Please take a look at the thread reagrding a name for our group and offer any suggestions you may have!

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Post by Tom Green » Sat Jul 22, 2006 6:02 pm Etc/GMT-1+01:00


I would be very grateful for a copy of this lense carrying box.

Kind Regards,


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