URGENT>need advice on buying a used Imacon Precision II

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URGENT>need advice on buying a used Imacon Precision II

Post by l2oBiN » Mon May 07, 2012 11:21 pm Etc/GMT-1+01:00

I have a person trying to sell me an Imacon Precision II scanner. Since i jbow cery little about this scanner, i have a number of question regarding purchase.

1. is the Precision II is still a good purchase, and at what price? ( I am currently using the epson v700 for scaning 4x5 film and I am wondering how much of a step up is the precision ii compared to epson. The price differential is quite big!

2. Who services the scanners and at what price? I am in Sweden.

3. Is it compatible with newer type computers such as mac laptops with macosx 10.7?

4. What is the best scsi adapter for a computer system in question 3?

5. How long do the scanners last (i.e. life time) and is there a way of telling how many scans it has done or generally what is the wear on the machine?

6. What things should one look out for when buying one second hand? What sort of questions should I ask him. I cannot go and test the scanner, he would have to ship it to me...

7. What are the power requirements of the scanner? I am planning to move fro
Sweden to Australia and I would like to know whether the scanner should be ok with power in both countries.

8. Which mask is the right one for 4x5 scaning, and how much dies it cost?


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