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Intrepid Cameras

Post by Thingy » Fri Mar 27, 2020 11:10 pm Etc/GMT-1+01:00

I haven’t visited this site for a while and it seems pretty dead. Anyway, although I am already an Ebony owner & will be returning to using it now that I can get out more, I wonder what other people think about the Intrepid Cameras?

I bought a 5x4 Mk.II camera for an astonishing £250, 1/14th the price I paid for my Ebony 45SU in October 2008 - just after the crash, and needed to make some modifications to the Intrepid to make it really useable including adding a couple of spirit levels, putting tape underneath my moving wooden plate to make focussing smoother, etc. I will try out the new Mk.IV version when the lockdown has ended and see what I think. The advantages over my Ebony is purely in weight, as the Intrepid 5x4 is much lighter but obviously lacks the finesse of the Ebony cameras in terms of movements and ease of use.

You can explore Intrepid at:
Love is an Ebony mounted with a Cooke PS945.......

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