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Re: Mobile broadband.

Post by Thingy » Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:44 am Etc/GMT-1+01:00

Andrew Plume wrote:Dear 'Mr Thingy'

yes, this was clearly a "general off-topic post"

6 x 6, is as you say a great size...............why not flog the Hassy gear and pick up a 6 x 7 rfb, that way you've made a very decent turn and are able to do mf work with the movements and you can crop the negs too...............?

I've had a brief look at DT's work, very respectable, one Eliot Porter did all of the colour tree stuff (very many) years ago ( ... 1606061194) but of course the choice of subject material is no longer 'bottomless' etc etc

fwiw (and it's not for me to influence anyones interests vis a vis subject matter), if you're into 'trees per se' with the intention of creating some kind of 'artistic abstract images' and also abstracts generally, take a look at the work of Merg Ross (, friend of the incomparable Brett Weston and very much a living breathing artist. He is a genuine kind person


I also use 6x7 format in the form of the excellent Mamiya rangefinder, but my first "proper" camera after my childhood Kodax Instamatic was a TLR & it got me hooked on 6x6 format! :lol:

I have a good collection of books of Eliot Porter's work. He was one of the first LF photographers whose work I saw (his colour work was the first LF colour I saw!). I will explore Merg Ross.

Thingy alias Steve :D :mrgreen:
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Re: Mobile broadband.

Post by Lynne Evans » Wed Sep 11, 2013 7:15 pm Etc/GMT-1+01:00

Vanman wrote:
I'm just interested! What exactly is this thread saying about Large Format Photography in The United Kingdom today? Does anybody here (in the U.K., it's The U.K Large Format Photography Group, not the USA or Europe or anywhere else, the U.K.) actually take a field, view, LF press or monorail camera out into the big wide world and use it to capture images? I do, fairly frequently, can anybody else own up to taking their camera/s out of their comfort zones and using them to capture images on big sheets of film?
Actually, I can relate the use of mobile broadband directly to LF photography, and reassure you at the same time. I have just moved back into my house after 5 years of living in a campervan and traveling mainly around Scotland and Northern England, with the sole purpose of taking photographs, in particular 5x4 sheets with my Wista DX kit. This was not fine weather photography, but winter and summer, rain or fine (mostly rain), out there climbing hills, crawling through undergrowth and getting blasted on beaches. I used mobile broadband for ordering film, replacing broken kit, and keeping an eye on this forum. That was pretty well outside my comfort zone, though obviously not a match on your 'fairly frequent' excursions.

A word of advice: don't ever think you know what other people are doing!


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