Request for information re: tray size and availability

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Sal Santamaura
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Request for information re: tray size and availability

Post by Sal Santamaura » Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:08 pm Etc/GMT-1+01:00

I am intrigued by the advantages of having some safe handling (and eventual corner-mounting) border when contact printing 8x10 negatives on the new Lodima paper in 9x11 size:

However, my "darkroom" is a bathroom that must be temporarily converted for each use. I long ago made an epoxy-finished wood "dry sink" to hold up to 8x10 trays in a corner of that room. Unfortunately, it isn't large enough for 11x14 or Paterson 12x16 trays.

A possible solution is Paterson 10x12 trays, which aren't distributed in North America. Would anyone who has some please measure the exterior (i.e. outside the rolled "lip") dimensions for me? I'm hoping they are small enough to fit between the partitions of my dry sink creation. Also, in case they do turn out to be usable, please suggest any retail source that would be willing to export some to North America.

Thanks very much in advance for your assistance.

George Hart
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Post by George Hart » Tue Mar 31, 2009 6:03 pm Etc/GMT-1+01:00

Hi Sal, I feel that I ought to reply as someone who uses 12x10 trays for all my small size printing, and also a bathroom–darkroom! Mine are Photax make (this firm was I think taken over by Paterson), and may therefore not be exactly the dimensions of the latest Paterson items. However, I suggest that you contact the firm directly: They are still in existence and should respond to email contact. Their website has lists of distributors on both sides of the great divide.

Best wishes,


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