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Second batch of shots off the Ebony

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:08 pm Etc/GMT-1+01:00
by craigmagee
Well finally managed to scan the decent shots from my second batch of stuff on the Ebony. This time shot some Velvia 50 and some Portra 160nc
Bit disappointed this time, as everything has come out dark especially the Velvia. I was metering with my Sekonic 358 that I've only ever used in the studio about 6 years ago :lol: so not sure if I was using it incorrectly or if its out of whack. Compared to the canon, when using the transmission attachment, it does seem about a stop out! I've changed the calibration and used it on a few shots this weekend so will see I guess!!

Anyway the shots I liked are bellow, so as before comments welcome.

Velvia shots first up


Next the Portra shots, I'm not to sure I like this film, it might be just that all the shots were underexposed as I have seen some lush shots on it, or it might be the Imacon doesn't like it, but its been a pain to work with!! Will test another box when I run out of 160s!!


The Liverpool one I'm not 100% on, but as I got told off for being were I was I figured it was worth posting :lol:

You can view the bigger ones on my flickr -