Some shots from Leonardslee

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Clive Gray
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Some shots from Leonardslee

Post by Clive Gray » Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:23 am Etc/GMT-1+01:00


Sinar C1 10x8 Nikon 120SW Velvia 100

Actually from October 09 but as Leonardslee might be re opening just felt like posting

Silly size here ... eff6_o.jpg

May 10


Sinar F2 10x8 Sironar N 360 Velvia 100

Silly size here ... 6a20_o.jpg

Aprill 10


Sinar F Fuji 210w F5.6 (80 degree one) Velvia 100

Silly size here ... 21d0_o.jpg

All indifferently caned on an Epson V750

Images posted the easy way

Right click properties, highlight location, righ click copy and right click paste into the image tags.

Neil Barnes
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Re: Some shots from Leonardslee

Post by Neil Barnes » Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:33 pm Etc/GMT-1+01:00

Very pretty... but (oh so picky) a touch of Newton's rings on the first one, from the scanner I assume?

And somehow on the same picture I get the feeling that the lake is down on the right a touch... The third I think is my favourite by a small whisker.


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Re: Some shots from Leonardslee

Post by dave_whatever » Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:11 pm Etc/GMT-1+01:00

That one with the mist on the water is great.

Charles Twist
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Re: Some shots from Leonardslee

Post by Charles Twist » Thu Mar 08, 2012 12:24 pm Etc/GMT-1+01:00

Hello Clive,
Good shots. The 2nd works best for me - probably because you're within he film's dynamic range - and the third is a good composition but too dark for my tastes. For the 1st and 3rd shots, I'd question your choice of film. Neg film would have gotten a lot more colour and texture out of the shots. But then if that wasn't your intention... First shot also suffers from light fall-off and seems a bit purple in the sky in the corners - a regular problem with Velvia 50 and 100 when they are under-exposed (I'd suggest a centre filter).
Hope that helps. Keep up the good work,

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